O.C. (Pepper Spray) Intruder-Buster™

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O.C. Intruder-Buster™ - OD (Green)
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The O.C. Intruder-Buster™ is a tripline activated area-denial device that can be an effective addition to your property security.  It's best deployed outdoors, in particular where there’s a natural funneling of travel such as between buildings, hedges, etc.  When triggered by the tripline, the device is activated and expels a cloud of O.C. (oleoresin capsicum, or "pepper spray"), providing a strong inspiration to the intruder to quickly flee the area.

It utilizes a proprietary O.C. fogger canister made specially for this device which provides superior effectiveness.  Specs: 10% O.C., 2 million SHU, 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids, non-flammable.

The O.C. Intruder-Buster™ includes one O.C. canister and one 75’ spool of Dyneema™ tripline. Additional canisters are sold separately. Also available is an Inert spray canister unit, which is recommended for training applications. Made in USA. Ground shipment only.

Cerakoted Military (OD) Color

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Internationally. Your order will be automatically deleted and refunded.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tom Howard
look out

can’t say intruders as of today..

Charles Brooks
Serious pest control

Serious pest control, I say that in the strongest sense of the word.

When pest’s are wandering parts of your rural only ,with “many acres” of rural property.

This set up is a very reliable controlled access point from other border property, when properly applied with all the appropriate signage of course.

After it’s been triggered by the exemplar apparatus , the area will take awhile to clear and be accessible. Without proper protective garb and respirator gear and sealed eye protection.

Nice addition to the rural sizable private, posted property management gear.

When in doubt, check with local and county wild life laws and act responsible.

Richard Buhite
O. C. Intruder - Buster

This can also be for your Protection.
It not only alerts you to intruders, but an Advance notice!

These folks (and Co.) are Great !!!

raymond c
Exceptional Quality workmanship!

Thia is a handy addition to my "range card"

CP - Canada
Intruder/bear buster

Great item to keep the bears from the spaces around property. Now if only you can create a model that accepts the standard small bearspray cans - that would be a 10/5 rating!