About Us

Our Story

FITHOps is the brainchild of Mike Anton, an inventor and entrepreneur from northern Idaho. His company specializes in creating perimeter trip alarms that he designed initially to deter a grizzly bear from his campsite. Mike leveraged his experience in working with explosives from his previous career in the private sector to design his gear, continuously improving it over time to ensure its effectiveness. 

While the perimeter trip alarms are the main products that made FITHOps what it is today, Mike continues to develop new tactical and outdoor safety products that are always rigorously tested for their effectiveness and quality. 

As FITHOps grows, Mike enjoys working with law enforcement customers by meeting them personally and helping them find security solutions to keep them safe as well as bring these products to everyday people. Mike's ultimate goal is to promote safety, and his gear has been instrumental in achieving that objective.
FITHOps gets its name from its combination of Mike's past and present experiences. 'FITH' stands for 'Fire In The Hole,' a term from his time working with explosives, and 'Ops' refers to the tactical division he runs today. Mike dedicates his life to developing innovative safety and security products designed for the benefit of first responders, law enforcement, military, and civilians alike.

Mike Anton Creator of FithOps Alarm

Our Mission

As a company, our mission is to create the highest-quality, American-made products that serve the critical purpose of keeping people safe while minimizing the gimmicks and gadgetry that pervade the market today. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to our loyal supporters who have been with us from the beginning, as well as to the new customers who share our vision for a safer, more sustainable world. 

At FITHOps, we aspire to become a staple in today's society and make meaningful contributions to important causes that support our people and our future. We are committed to working only with American manufacturers and providers, whenever possible, and we prioritize delivering innovative products and services to our expanding community. Finally, we will remain committed to continually improving upon the breadth and quality of our offerings.