Claymore Exploding Replica Toy - 2pk

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Claymore Exploding Replica Toy - 2pks

This trip alarm can be used ANYWHERE! Experience this Claymore's replicated bang by using strip or ring caps, swing thread, fishing line, or even dental floss.

Specifications and Features:

  • Claymore Exploding Replica Toy - 2pks
  • Can be used with strip or ring caps
  • Double sided tape not included
  • Ages 8+
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA

  • PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to ship Internationally. Your order will be automatically deleted and refunded. 

PLEASE NOTE: Star Caps are NOT included with the Claymore Exploding Replica Toys. Click here to order the Star Caps


EXPLODING Claymore Mine Toy - It's a real thing! by TAOFLEDERMAUS


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Claymore add more fun!

Love it! Fun kids gifts, plus fast tiny improvised "so there you are here's you one last bang, banger!" Improvised intruder alert! FITH OPS rules bangers! So say TaterBanger!

Joseph V.
Watching waiting always Ready!

Another above and beyond

James C.
toy claymore

we use these for around the garden
keeps the deer away
when they trip the fishing line
and pull on the toy claymore
they run like hell

So much fun

My entire family has had a blast boobie trapping our house. Highly recommend.

mike k.
lil fun

was planting these all around the house to mess with kids but half the time they wouldn't pop. dont think they snap fast or hard enough will fix but just as they come needs improvement