Fith Ops™ Perimeter Camp Safe™ Trip Alarm - 12 Gauge OD Green 6061 Aluminum USA-Made

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FithOps™ Camp Safe™ 12 Gauge Perimeter Trip Alarm*

Our newest, updated version of our 12 gauge perimeter trip alarm. Made of 6061 Aluminum, this unit utilizes a spring-loaded firing mechanism and a trip trigger. When the trigger pin is disturbed while loaded with a 12 gauge Flash Bang/Training Blank, the unit will discharge. This device is compatible with blanks, adapters, flares and pepper gas depending on situation and requirement.

UPC: 861209002659

WARNING: For outdoor use only. Keep away from flammable materials. NEVER USE LIVE AMMO.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to ship Internationally. Your order will be automatically deleted and refunded. 


* Flash Bang Not Included


Customer Reviews

Based on 451 reviews
Russell Smith
Bought two of them

Tested both of them on 12 gauge blanks. They misfired a lot one of them broke, or the firing pin got bent wasn’t really happy with them

Russell, we are sorry to hear that the devices are not working to your satisfaction, that is not normal for them to not work. What kind of blanks were you using? You said both of them are defective or just one of them?
Thank you for reaching out!

Daniel Ordaz

Super good quality device. I bought two and did not regret it when they came in.

Jeff Hayes
Trump 2024

I really think it's awesome and well made. I can't wait to try it out the next time I'm at

Cody Deutermann
Very satisfied with your product

Love using the trip alarm it's flawless

Robert Harvey
Nomo Mr Nice Guy

Excellent..... Beyond expectations. Critters are gone