Fith Ops™ Perimeter Camp Safe™ Trip Alarm Kit - Dyneema® Trip Line, 209 Carrier & 209 Primer Adapter

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The FithOPS 12 gauge trip alarm and 209 adapter kit comes with our newest 12g perimeter trip alarm, a 209 primer adapter, one spool Dyneema trip line (75') and one empty silicone caddy. Giving you everything you need to set up your Camp Safe around your perimeter.

This kit allows you to choose between using a 12g blank or a 209 primer. The device itself holds 12 gauge blanks/training ammo/ poppers. The 209 primer adapter slides into the grooves on the bottom of the device. We recommend to use a reliable brand like CCI Shot shell Primers but all 209 primers will work in the device.

Use the Dyneema trip line to set up your perimeter. Set up your device and once the 12g perimeter trip alarm w/209 adapter is armed, then triggered, it will produce around 124dB with a flash. The 12g blanks/poppers/training ammo can be various decibel levels.

Specifications and Features:

  • 12 Gauge perimeter trip alarm
  • 209 Primer Adapter
  • 209 Primer Carrier holds 10ea. 209 Primers (not included)
  • Dyneema® Trip Line - 1 Roll 75' breaking strength exceeds 140 lbs
  • Made in USA
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to ship Internationally. Your order will be automatically deleted and refunded.



PLEASE NOTE:  CCI Shot shell Primers 209 are recommended. All 209 Primers will work in the 209 primer adapter.


* 209 Primer Not Included

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nathan Winterowd

It is perfect for my off grid cabin I will be ordering a few more of them

John King
Made in The United States of America

I bought from you because your product was made in The USA. Thank you for not outsourcing your product to communist countries. Our forefathers would be so disappointed how so many Americans are selling their freedom to financially empowering other nations who do not share our belief in God Given Freedoms. Again, thank you for continuing to believe in America and renewing our country one product at a time.

Robert Falk
No power needed

Our power infrastructure is sad, my electronic security is not secure. FITH ops, requires no power and has the ability to actually cause an intruder to rethink his unauthorized entry.

Coran Williams
Great both ways

It is good to have both as a need arises. Works great both ways. Would buy again and will.

Rich Hamiel
12 gauge 209 adapter kit

I haven’t had time to try it yet. But the shipping was very fast!